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Vibration Analysis of an Active Magnetic Bearing-Backup Bearing-Rotor System (Vibration Characteristics for the Various Fault Patterns of an Active Magnetic Bearing)

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  • 磁気軸受・補助軸受・ロー夕系の振動解析(磁気軸受の各故障パターン毎の振動特性の検討)
  • 磁気軸受・補助軸受・ロータ系の振動解析 (磁気軸受の各故障パターン毎の振動特性の検討)
  • ジキ ジクウケ ホジョ ジクウケ ロータケイ ノ シンドウ カイセキ ジキ ジクウケ ノ カク コショウ パターン ゴト ノ シンドウ トクセイ ノ ケントウ

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When the electric power for an active magnetic bearing (AMB) is shut down during the operation, the backup bearing plays important role to stop the rotor system in safety. In this paper, we study vibration characteristics of the AMB-backup bearing-rotor system in the case that some accident happens in the AMB system. We propose mathematical model for the contact phenomena between the rotor and the backup bearing. By comparing the results of numerical simulation and experiment, we clarify that the proposed model is useful to evaluate the friction force and other forces during contact. We also investigate vibration characteristics of the rotor systems in various cases of AMB accidents theoretically and experimentally.


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