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Control of Machining Support System Considering Influence of Tool Rotation Frictional Force(Mechanical Systems)

  • YANO Ken'ichi
    Department of Human and Information Systems, Gifu University
  • SAKITO Daiki
  • OSADA Tsuginobu
  • YASUDA Yasushi

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  • 工具回転摩擦力の影響を考慮した加工支援システムの制御(機械力学,計測,自動制御)
  • 工具回転摩擦力の影響を考慮した加工支援システムの制御
  • コウグカイ テンマサツリョク ノ エイキョウ オ コウリョ シタ カコウ シエン システム ノ セイギョ

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In this paper we address the development of a finish machining support system that can operate without machining mistakes for the limited production of diversified products. The machining is supported by a haptic device. One challenge is that it is necessary to separate the force sensor output that exists in the operation force from the machining influence force. We propose a control method to remove the influence of the rotation tool disturbance force from the operation force by using adaptive modeling, which estimates the force of rotation tool friction torque in the tangential direction of the machining side from the contact force in the normal direction of the machining side. The effectiveness of this research is shown by a machining experiment.


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