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Dynamic Identification of Moved and/or Left Objects

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  • 人が放置する物体の動的認識
  • ヒト ガ ホウチ スル ブッタイ ノ ドウテキ ニンシキ

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We propose a video-based system which recognizes objects moved and/or left by human, and contribute for the realization of a ubiquitous environment which finds lost properties and suspicious objects in public areas. One method to identify an object moved by a human action is to trace the object and determine times at which the object is grasped and relieved. In case the sizes of the moved objects are at most similar to the sizes of human bodies and the human movements including those to handle objects occur intermittently, an another method is considered, which detects the starts and ends of the human actions and specifies the positions of objects before and after the movements. We adopt the latter approach. The starts and ends of the actions are detected by subtractions of frames captured from a video camera. A series of frame subtractions is used to distinguish between human movements and object movements. An effective background subtraction is developed to identify more than one moved object and objects going autonomously. The history of object movements is recorded and utilized to know where and when the object has appeared.



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