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  • 子育て支援施設における床仕上げの種類とフローリング・畳スペースの使われ方
  • コソダテ シエン シセツ ニ オケル ユカシアゲ ノ シュルイ ト フローリング ・ タタミ スペース ノ ツカワレ カタ

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 Child care facility is the place that the infants who differ in age and parents spend in the same space, so the consideration of exclusive space reservation for babies less than twelve months old, and corner setting according to age stage, etc. is required. The examples secured tatami space indoors exist in a part, but the classification of space sphere corresponding to infants' age in the space of one room or the concept of corner setting is not clear. It is common that corner setting of facilities is individually held to experience of the facility staff or reference in the example of nursery school, etc. Although it is not necessary to require the level equivalent to nursery school, in order that the increase in facilities continues to be expected, the examination from a viewpoint of architectural planning is required.<br> In this paper, firstly, the relation between floor fitting and installation mode of corner is regulated for the childcare facilities that building form and area differ. Ssecondly, parent and child's behavioral patterns are explained based on the investigation of utilization with two types of floor fitting and corner arrangement, and the function of space composition and corner setting is considered.<br> The relationship is found among floor space, floor fitting, and corner arrangement pattern with childcare facilities playroom. About the present space compositions of playroom, (1) the model divided into tatami and floor space and made tatami space baby's place (2) the model constituted only from floor space with many corners can be called the main two types. The reason is conjectured that the difference of facility institution person's view to the place for the baby less than twelve months old in playroom is reflected.<br> It is difficult to hold clear corner classification according to the developmental stage with the facility of only the flooring, and the dynamic play acts of the infants more than 1 years-old were seen by the side of 0-year-old babies. On the other hand, with the facilities divided into flooring and tatami in floor fitting, tatami served as the clear boundary, and it became the stabilized place for 0-year-old babies and flooring place served as the place of dynamic play of infants more than 1 years-old, the usage according to the developmental stage was verified. Therefore, the method of securing tatami floor space fixed as the place for babies less than twelve months old is effective as a method of sphere classification of play place according to infants' developmental stage.


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