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How did the Woman's weekly magazine report on the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant Disaster: Discourse structure that cultivates reader and writer empathy

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  • YANAI Mariko
    Doshisha University Center for Learning Support and Faculty Development

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  • 女性週刊誌は福島第一原子力発電所事故をどう報じたか―読み手と書き手の共感を醸成する言説構造―
  • ジョセイ シュウカンシ ワ フクシマ ダイイチ ゲンシリョク ハツデンショ ジコ オ ドウ ホウジタ カ : ヨミテ ト カキテ ノ キョウカン オ ジョウセイ スル ゲンセツ コウゾウ

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<p>This study aims to elucidate the discourse structure of Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant Disaster coverage for woman's weekly magazine. It analyzes how the woman's weekly magazine evaluated and represents the report of other media, and also the formation of the discourse of nuclear accident reporting. This research connects with Yanai (2017) who conducted a discourse analysis of general weekly magazines (3 magazines) and aims to produce further knowledge through comparison between a general weekly magazine and a woman's weekly magazine. The analysis targets are three magazines: "JYOSEI-SEVEN," "JYOSEI-JISHIN," and "SYUKAN-JYOSEI" issued in March 2011. The analysis method based on Critical Discourse Analysis of Fairclough (2012): (1) analysis of "assumptions type" (2) "social actors," and in Hayashi(2002): (3) discourse sharing intention of writer and reader. As a result of the research, it became clear that in the women's weekly magazine, nuclear disaster was depicted as affecting the daily life of the reader. In addition to the discourse that changes will occur around the reader, discourses promoting change in behavior and consciousness such as power saving and fundraising to the reader were told in the form of requests and advice. Using the pronoun "we" that the reader and the writer were united, "reporters" converted into characters in the article, omitted subjects in the article, shared consciousness. It concludes that these three points are stronger than general weekly magazines, allowing for fostering fellow consciousness of readers and writers and consciousness of solidarity, allowing advice to readers.</p>


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