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Recommendation of the Use of EDTA-containing Tubes for the Measurement of HbA1c Using a Layer of Erythrocytes Obtained after Centrifugation


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  • 遠心処理後に測定するHbA1c測定法での採血管の取扱い(EDTA入り採血管の推奨)について

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<p>Transportation of whole blood samples maintained in cold conditions for up to 48 hours out of the laboratory may lead to hemolysis. This consequently results in a lower measured HbA1c value when a layer of erythrocytes obtained by centrifugation of the hemolytic sample is used for an analysis, including analyses by some HPLC-, enzymatic- and immuno-assay systems. The use of NaF-containing tubes that are suitable for the measurement of glucose concentration, makes hemolysis easy. Thus, the committee on Standardization of Laboratory Testing Related to Diabetes Mellitus of the Japan Diabetes Society recommends the use of EDTA- containing tubes for the measurement of HbA1c using a layer of erythrocytes harvested by centrifugation.</p>




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