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Lifetime characteristics of co-doped phosphor and performance improvement of thermometry by simultaneous measurement on two wavelengths

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  • 共添加燐光体における異波長ライフタイム特性とその2波長ライフタイム同時測定による温度測定性能向上


<p>The effects of co-doping in phosphors and the use of co-doped phosphors to extend the temperature measurement range were experimentally investigated in terms of the lifetime method. Such effects can be evaluated by comparing the single and double luminescent centers. In this study, YAG:Tb, YAG:Cr and YAG:Cr,Tb were prepared by sol-gel method and the luminescence intensity was measured under excitation by the 4th harmonic of Nd:YAG laser. In order to improve the temperature measurement performance of YAG:Cr,Tb, it is desirable to divide it into two wavelength regions with a threshold around 600 nm, and to switch between the two regions depending on the temperature range when performing temperature measurement by the lifetime method. The absolute lifetime sensitivity SA is a suitable index to use when dividing the temperature region into two regions, resulting in switching at around 800 K. The lifetime of the Cr-derived luminescence is slightly longer, while that of the Tb-derived luminescence is about 10 times shorter.</p>



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