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Five Levels in Clause Linkage

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  • 〈共同研究プロジェクト紹介〉節連接へのモーダル的・発話行為的な制限 節連接の五段階
  • 共同研究プロジェクト紹介 節連接へのモーダル的・発話行為的な制限 節連接の五段階
  • キョウドウ ケンキュウ プロジェクト ショウカイ フシ レンセツ エ ノ モーダルテキ ・ ハツワ コウイテキ ナ セイゲン フシ レンセツ ノ ゴ ダンカイ

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国立国語研究所 言語対照研究系

Department of Crosslinguistic Studies, NINJAL


There are restrictions on the combination of an adverbial clause with a main clause. It may or may not be possible to combine them, depending on their semantic and pragmatic nature. The relationships between an adverbial clause and a main clause can be divided into five types, which are termed the 'five levels in clause linkage'. On the basis of the research on the five levels in clause linkage in Japanese, the present collaborative research project investigates the combinatory possibilities of adverbial clauses --- mainly causal, conditional, and adversative clauses --- and main clauses in close to 30 languages of the world.



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