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看護基礎教育における模擬患者を活用した教育効果の検討 : 口腔ケア演習を通して(第2報)

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  • カンゴ キソ キョウイク ニ オケル モギ カンジャ オ カツヨウ シタ キョウイク コウカ ノ ケントウ : コウコウ ケア エンシュウ オ トオシテ(ダイ2ホウ)

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The objective of the present study was to compare the learning content of nursing students in “practice on oral health care” conducted among the students themselves with content using simulated patients (SP) based on the respective practice records, and to thereby elucidate the educational effect of using SP.The practice records of 64 nursing students were analyzed using qualitative, descriptive analysis. Based on the results, a total of 13 categories were identified for practice conducted among students, including “Devising better support for patients”, “Gaining motivation to learn”, and “Difficulty of oral health care”. For practice using SP, the following three categories were identified in addition to the above categories: “Need for consideration in establishing favorable interpersonal relationships”, “Support is a product of interactions between nurses and patients”, and “The appearance and behavior of nurses influence their relationships with patients”.The three categories uniquely identified for practice using SP were “effects of realistic practice” associated with SP. These findings indicate that the use of SP in nursing education, along with the knowledge and techniques that must be learnt by nursing students, provides opportunities for students to consider ideal approaches in nursing.


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