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  • ファジィ シュウゴウ ニ ヨル デンキ スイシン ト ディーゼルセン ノ キキ ジュウヨウド ニ カンスル ヒカク ヒョウカ

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Electric propulsion ships have been generally said to have advantage for a special ship such a passenger ship, an icebreaker and so on. However Pod type propulsion system came to be adopted as one of the models of next-generation coastal ship in Europe in recent years. Generally the pod type ship has the freedom of machinery arrangement in the engine room and larger cargo capacity and higher energy-saving effect than the ships using the propeller shaft. Now in a field of industrial manufacture, the designing concept has to consider the LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) which is an objective process to evaluate the economic and environmental burdens associated with a product, process, or activity by energy and materials in its life. In the case of ships, there are many modifications for her life and it is impossible to design for new ships based on lifelong data of old ships. Therefore, We evaluated the importance degree of machinery and system of the pod type propulsion ship through the application of fuzzy set in this study. We propose that these comparison of machinery between diesel-powered and pod type electric propulsion ships will be one of the basic designs.



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