Comprehensive gene expression analysis in the lung of ‘bath-related death”: Investigation for preventing the accidents during bathing.

  • Hayashi Takahito
    Department of Legal Medicine, Graduate School of Medical and Dental Sciences, Kagoshima University

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  • 入浴死の病態に関与するバイオマーカーの網羅的解析:入浴事故を減らすための基礎的研究
  • ニュウヨクシ ノ ビョウタイ ニ カンヨ スル バイオマーカー ノ モウラテキ カイセキ : ニュウヨク ジコ オ ヘラス タメ ノ キソテキ ケンキュウ

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<p>[Background]</p><p>Sudden death in the bathroom (bath-related death) occurs quite frequently in Japan, and has been recognized as a critical social problem. However, the accurate process to the death has remained unclear. In this study, we investigated the gene expression of the lung varying in the process of hot water drowning by comprehensive DNA microarray analyses.</p><p>[Methods]</p><p>Agilent Array analysis (TaKaRa bio) was performed using the total RNA extracted from lung of hot water drowning mice (38 or 41℃). Ratio of target gene expression in study group to that in control group (sacrificed by cervical dislocation) is over 1.5 or under 0.66 as a statistically significant difference.</p><p>[Results and Discussion]</p><p>There were 793 or 743 genes whose pulmonary expression was varied significantly in 38 or 41℃ water drowning mice, respectively. Those varied genes in both temperature conditions were divided into 3 groups: (A) Aquaporins/Osmoreceptors including aqp (aquaporin) 2, aqp4, aqp11, trpm1(transient receptor potential cation channel, subfamily M, member1), (B) Heat shock proteins including kbp5(FK506 binding protein 5), hsp90ab1, hspa1l, hspb1, hspb8, and (C) Hypoxia-inducible proteins including hif1an(hypoxia-inducible factor1, alpha subunit inhibitor), egln3(egl-9 family hif3). There were numerous candidate genes whose expression has not been investigated by quantitative real-time PCR analysis. In future, I would like to establish a molecular biological diagnosis of hot water drowning based on those various gene expression profiles.</p>


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