A reexamination of postdiction within a free-choice task

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  • 自由選択課題におけるポストディクションの再検討
  • ジユウ センタク カダイ ニ オケル ポストディクション ノ サイケントウ

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<p>People often misperceive the timing of when they made a decision. Bear & Bloom (2016) asked participants to choose one white circle from a selection of five white circles and to continue watching them until a predetermined target circle changed to red, and then report whether it was their chosen circle that had changed color. The participants tended to report having chosen the target circle under a quick-change condition, which indicates that, although choices were affected by the change, people perceive having made their choice prior to the change. As new evidence supporting the postdiction of decision-making timings, the present study reports a similar effect for delays of 25–50 ms, but not for 17 ms. Moreover, the propensity for participants to report having chosen any circle by a deadline was observed to be greater at delays of 167 ms or less, which indicates that awareness of decision-making is postdictive in nature when delays are short.</p>



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