Hydrogen Generation Induced by Ultraviolet Light Irradiation on Hydrogen Boride Sheets

  • KONDO Takahiro
    Department of Materials Science and Tsukuba Research Center for Energy Materials Science, Faculty of Pure and Applied Sciences, University of Tsukuba Materials Research Center for Element Strategy, Tokyo Institute of Technology
  • MIYAUCHI Masahiro
    Department of Materials Science and Engineering, Tokyo Institute of Technology

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  • ホウ化水素シートへの紫外光照射が誘起する水素発生
  • ホウカ スイソ シート エ ノ シガイコウ ショウシャ ガ ユウキ スル スイソ ハッセイ

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<p>Recently, we have revealed that the hydrogen boride (HB) sheets can be formed by exfoliation and complete ion-exchange between protons and magnesium cations in magnesium diboride (MgB2+2H → Mg2++2HB) at room temperature and ambient pressure. We have then found that the hydrogen molecules (H2) can be released from HB by the UV irradiation as much as 8 wt% at room temperature.</p>


  • Vacuum and Surface Science

    Vacuum and Surface Science 63 (7), 352-357, 2020-07-10

    The Japan Society of Vacuum and Surface Science


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