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Diffusion Experiment with the Accelerated, Short-Lived Radioactive Beam of ^8Li(Current Topics)

  • Jeong Sun-Chan
  • Sugai Hiroyuki
  • Yahagi Masahito

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  • Liイオンの振舞いを捉まえる:再加速短寿命核ビーム^8LiによるLi拡散実験(最近の研究から)
  • Liイオンの振舞いを捉まえる--再加速短寿命核ビーム8LiによるLi拡散実験
  • Li イオン ノ フルマイ オ ツカマエル サイカソク タンジュミョウカク ビーム 8Li ニ ヨル Li カクサン ジッケン

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We have demonstrated a non-destructive and on-line radiotracer method for diffusion studies in lithium ionic conductors, by using, as a tracer, the short-lived α-emitting radioisotope of ^8Li from TRIAC (Tokai Radioactive Ion Accelerator Complex). The method has been successfully applied to measure the lithium diffusion coefficients in a typical defect-mediated lithium ionic conductor of LiGa, well demonstrating that the method is very effective to measure the diffusion in the micrometer regime per second. Anomalous composition-dependence of Li diffusion coefficients in LiGa was observed; the stoichiometric LiGa showed the highest diffusivity of Li. The anomaly was discussed qualitatively in terms of the formation of defect complex and the interaction between the constituent defects. The ordering of the Li vacancies in the Li-deficient LiGa was observed for the first time in terms of the Li diffusion by the present method, and its thermodynamic aspect was discussed.


  • Butsuri

    Butsuri 64 (9), 687-691, 2009-09-05

    The Physical Society of Japan

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