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The Use of the Mobile Phone Short Message Service (SMS) for Foreign Language Vocabulary Acquisition

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様々な国で,携帯電話の使用は,外国語教育の分野で既に検討され,試行されている。Thornton & Houser (2005),Lu (2008),Kennedy & Levy (2008),Baolu & Akdemir (2010)らの研究では,外国語の語彙の習得と復習のために携帯電話を通じたショートメッセージサービス(SMS)の使用が有効であることが示された。これらの研究の結果と知見から,さらに携帯電話用の革新的な語彙習得教材を設計し,提供する方法とアイデアを見つけることができる。The use of mobile phones has already been considered and tested in the area of foreign language education in many countries. Research carried by Thornton and Houser (2005), Lu (2008), Kennedy and Levy (2008), and Baolu and Akdemir (2010) have shown the effectiveness of the Short Message Service (SMS) via mobile phones for reviewing and acquiring new vocabulary in a foreign language. In these studies, suggestions and ideas can be found in order to look for further ways to deliver and design innovative vocabulary materials for mobile phones.



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