The universal personalised care in England : an analysis of the new service model based on the NHS long term plan in 2019

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  • イギリスにおける「普遍的な個別ケア」構想 : 2019年NHS長期計画にもとづく新たなサービスモデルの検討
  • イギリスにおける普遍的な個別ケア構想 : 2019年NHS長期計画にもとづく新たなサービスモデルの検討
  • イギリス ニオケル フヘンテキナ コベツ ケア コウソウ : 2019ネン NHS チョウキ ケイカク ニ モトズク アラタナ サービス モデル ノ ケントウ

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The 'NHS Long Term Plan' was published in January 2019 in England, which showed the future vision over the next decade. One of the central issues in this plan was to move to a new service model in which patients get more options, better support, and properly integrated care at the right time in the optimal care setting. Based on the plan, the NHS developed the comprehensive model, namely, 'Universal Personalised Care'. This article discussed features of the new model in the context of the current social environment and health and social care resources in England and examined its feasibility and challenges.


退職記念論文(Article in commemoration of the retirement of Professor Tsuneo Inoue)



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