Service Actual Conditions of Local Vitalization Cooperators Out-migrated Following Completion of the Service

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  • 任期終了後に他出した地域おこし協力隊員の任期中の実態分析
  • 任期終了後に他出した地域おこし協力隊員の任期中の実態分析 : 任期中の活動とパーソナルネットワーク間の関係性および他出要因に着目して
  • ニンキ シュウリョウゴ ニ タシュツ シタ チイキオコシ キョウリョク タイイン ノ ニンキ チュウ ノ ジッタイ ブンセキ : ニンキ チュウ ノ カツドウ ト パーソナルネットワーク カン ノ カンケイセイ オヨビ タシュツ ヨウイン ニ チャクモク シテ
  • Focus on the Relationship between Activities and Personal Networks, and the Reasons to Out-migrate
  • 任期中の活動とパーソナルネットワーク間の関係性および他出要因に着目して

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<p>This study aimed to reveal the service actual conditions of Local Vitalization Cooperator (volunteers for revitalization of rural regions) who out-migrated following completion of the service, focusing on the relationship between activities and personal networks(PN), and the reasons to out-migrate. A survey was conducted in Misato Town, Shimane prefecture. The main findings were as follows: (1) Many volunteers who out-migrated formed the PN with the residents of Misato Town through their activities during the service and developed their activities during the service through their PN. Many of their activities were continued by their successor even following completion of the service. (2) Their reasons to out-migrate following completion of the service were the friction between the residents and them, their out-migrating intention since the service started and the failure to obtain their desire job or house.</p>



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