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Developing World History Lessons to Foster Authentic Social Participation by Searching for Historical Causation in relation to Current Issues Dominating the News


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  • 真正な社会参画を促す世界史の授業開発― その日のニュースと関連した歴史を検索できるシステムを用いて ―
  • シン セイ ナ シャカイ サンカク オ ウナガス セカイシ ノ ジュギョウ カイハツ : ソノ ヒ ノ ニュース ト カンレン シタ レキシ オ ケンサク デキル システム オ モチイテ

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<p>  This paper outlines the development of a framework for high school history lessons that foster authentic social participation by searching for the historical causation behind modern social issues reported in the daily news. First, 13 categories that characterize both modern society and historical causations are identified from previous research. Then, using historical causations written in high school history lessons with these categories, a matrix operation and text classification are used to develop a framework that proposed historical causations according to the degree of similarity to specific modern issues in the daily news. Third, world history lessons are developed using the framework on the following five steps: 1) choosing a particular modern social issue and the related historical causations, 2) constructing historical causations, 3) applying these causations to solve modern social issues by evaluating the validity of each team in the group, 4) applying multiple viewpoints from which to solve the issues, and 5) transmitting the outcome of the learning to society. Finally, we develop a world history curriculum to enhance student ability through the gradual implementation of the five lessons along with a “learning by setting the subject”principle.</p>


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