An Investigation into Firms’ Knowledge‑Building Strategy under Technology‑Sharing Regime:

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  • 技術共有に対する知識構築の戦略の考察:移動体通信分野における標準必須特許の引用ネットワークの分析
  • ギジュツ キョウユウ ニ タイスル チシキ コウチク ノ センリャク ノ コウサツ : イドウタイ ツウシン ブンヤ ニ オケル ヒョウジュン ヒッス トッキョ ノ インヨウ ネットワーク ノ ブンセキ
  • A Longitudinal Study on the Citation Networks of Standard Essential Patents in the Global Telecommunication Sector

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<p>In many sectors, standards and patents encourage the transfer and sharing of knowledge between many and unspecified firms. Through technological disclosures with standardization and patenting, leading technology firms can strengthen their influences over the evolution of the industry and technologies concerned. However, such technology sharing can be also accompanied with knowledge spillover, which results in undermining firms’ capabilities. By chronologically examining the essential patent citation networks of the global wireless telecommunication sector, this article proposes a perspective and methods to understand how firms can shape effective knowledge through technology sharing among various firms.</p>


  • Organizational Science

    Organizational Science 51 (4), 33-42, 2018-06-20

    The Academic Association for Organizational Science

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