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A Case of a Mesenteric Abscess Successfully Treated by Laparoscopic-assisted Surgery


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  • 腹腔鏡補助下手術が診断・治療に有用であった小腸間膜膿瘍の1例

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<p>A 76-year-old woman complaining of lower abdominal pain and high fever for about 2 weeks was hospitalized with a diagnosis of right lower abdominal abscess detected by contrast CT. The location of the abscess was suspected to be in the mesentery based on the MRI and CT findings. The patient partially recovered following conservative therapy with antibiotics but slight abdominal pain after every meal remained. With the abscess not disappearing on CT, we performed laparoscopic-assisted surgery. Laparoscopic findings revealed that the abscess was situated in the mesentery of the ileum about 15 cm from Bauhin’s valve. We performed ileocecal resection with an incision wound of about 4 cm after peeling an ileocecal part from the retroperitoneum laparoscopically. The cause of the abscess was not able to be specified by the macro-and microscopic specimen findings. Laparoscopic-assisted surgery was effective in the case of an abdominal abscess which proved difficult to locate in terms of diagnosis and treatment.</p>



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