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Report on "2019 Academic Camp in Noto" : the theme of preserving and inheriting of academic materials

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  • 学術資料の保存・継承をテーマとした研究集会「学術野営2019 in 能登半島」に関する報告
  • 第24回情報知識学フォーラム予稿 学術資料の保存・継承をテーマとした研究集会「学術野営2019in能登半島」に関する報告
  • ダイ24カイ ジョウホウ チシキガク フォーラム ヨコウ ガクジュツ シリョウ ノ ホゾン ・ ケイショウ オ テーマ ト シタ ケンキュウ シュウカイ 「 ガクジュツ ヤエイ 2019in ノト ハントウ 」 ニ カンスル ホウコク

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<p> A wide variety of historical materials exist in Japan, and they are attracting attention not only as academic research materials but also as cultural resources for social promotion and development. the future, the role of local academic materials and experts will be important. On the other hand, with regard to the preserving and inheriting of academic materials, it is an urgent issue to deal with 'slow material loss' due to population decline as well as 'sudden loss of material' due to natural disasters. response to these situations, AMANE. LLC jointly sponsors the “2019 Academic Camp in Noto” in collaboration with the National Museum of Japanese History and the theme of the preserving, inheriting and utilizing of local academic materials. In this presentation, we will introduce the issues and achievements of 2019 Academic Camp, as well as the basics of research meeting where experts from various fields and positions share social issues and conduct more practical discussions.</p>


  • Joho Chishiki Gakkaishi

    Joho Chishiki Gakkaishi 29 (4), 330-333, 2019-11-23

    Japan Society of Information and Knowledge

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