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Effect of drastic changes in the social environment in Thailand at the end of the 20th century on children's morphological growth

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  • 20世紀末タイにおける社会環境の激変が子どもの形態発育に与えた影響
  • 20セイキマツ タイ ニ オケル シャカイ カンキョウ ノ ゲキヘン ガ コドモ ノ ケイタイ ハツイク ニ アタエタ エイキョウ

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<p>This study examines how the morphological growth of Thai children (7 to18 years old) transformed at the end of the 20th century (1983 to 2000) from the perspective of socio-ecological environmental changes. <br>Items examined were height, weight, height of anterior superior iliac spine, biacromial diameter , biiliocristal diameter, chest circumference, and secular trend in growth. <br>As a result, height has increased significantly, along with the height of the anterior superior iliac spine which has also increased markedly, and made a relative contribution to the increase in height. <br>In the period of turbulence at the end of the 20th century, the height of Thai boys (18 years old) rapidly increased by 6.7 cm. <br>This remarkable increase in height that occurred in Thailand is very noteworthy historically. In the same way, there was an increase in size in girls as well due to the socio-ecological influence. <br>There was a distinct secular trend (generational difference) observed in chest circumference in girls however which was not in boys, though biacromial diameter did not appear to be influenced by environmental changes, and was virtually unaffected. <br>It became clear that indicators such as height, weight, height of the anterior superior iliac spine, and biiliocristal diameter reflect the difference in the times. <br>One interesting finding was regarding chest circumference, where significant socio-economic development was associated with an increased chest circumference for girls, but no such change was seen in boys. <br>From the socio-economic indicators, it was also clear that these morphological changes were brought about by the remarkable transformation of Thai society and its socio-economic development.</p>



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