Seed Selection and an Effective Germination-promoting Method in <i>Abies mariesii</i>

  • Chiba Sho
    Yamagata Prefectural, Forest Research and Instruction Center The United Graduate School of Agricultural Sciences, Iwate University
  • Hayashida Mitsuhiro
    Faculty of Agriculture, Yamagata University

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  • オオシラビソの種子精選と効果的な発芽促進方法
  • オオシラビソ ノ シュシ セイセン ト コウカテキ ナ ハツガ ソクシン ホウホウ

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<p>We examined the effectiveness of seed selection based on the specific gravity of water and the duration of moist chilling treatment required to break seed dormancy in Abies mariesii. The proportion of filled seeds significantly increased 74.7-84.7% after specific gravity-based selection using water compared to the proportion of untreated seeds (28.7%). Therefore, our study indicates that seed selection using specific gravity of water can easily improve the seed filling rate of Abies mariesii. The germination rate between seeds in the moist chilling treatment and non-treatment were compared. The results showed that the germination rate of the former was 75.0-84.7%, which was significantly higher than the latter (18.3%). The duration of the moist chilling treatment showed no statistical difference in the final germination rate, and more than 70% of the seeds germinated even after 30 days of moist chilling treatment.</p>



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