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A Proposal for Regional Division and Index of Choosing Agent Number by Heterogeneous Multiagent System with Multiplicatively Weighted Voronoi Tessellation

  • ICHIHARA Kisho
    Graduate School of Engineering Science, Yokohama National University
  • UENO Seiya
    Graduate School of Environment and Information Sciences, Yokohama National University

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  • 乗法的重み付きボロノイ分割を用いた異機種マルチエージェントによる領域分割および機種数選定指標の提案
  • ジョウホウテキ オモミズキ ボロノイ ブンカツ オ モチイタ イキシュ マルチエージェント ニ ヨル リョウイキ ブンカツ オヨビ キシュスウ センテイ シヒョウ ノ テイアン

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<p>This paper describes a partitioning method of region and index of choosing number for heterogeneous swarm of unmanned vehicles using multiplicatively weighted Voronoi tessellation and simple formulation. Although recent researches have verified the effectiveness of swarm of unmanned vehicles at the time of natural disaster etc. and many researches related to them have been made, most of them are homogeneous swarm. On the other hand, there are few researches related to heterogeneous swarm because of their complexity and difficulty of generalizing and formulating models. This paper proposes the method of generalizing heterogeneous swarm model and partitioning method of searching region which is one of the most possible missions for them. In this paper, Voronoi tessellation in computational geometry has been applied which is one of the representative partitioning methods in general.</p>


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