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Trends and Issues in Experimental Studies in Organization Science


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  • 実験経営学の現状と展望
  • ジッケン ケイエイガク ノ ゲンジョウ ト テンボウ

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<p>Experiments are still an important part of the toolkit in organization science because of their strength in verifying causal relationships. In this paper, we explain the basics of the research method of experiments, and then focus on the trend of experimental researches in organization science. In recent years, experiments have been often employed as part of mixed-method researches, and some studies have incorporated the latest ICTs into the experimental design. In addition, this paper addresses the reproducibility crisis, which has been actively debated in the field of psychology. It has been revealed that many experimental results in reputable studies are not reproducible, and many experimental researchers in various academic fields are considering how to improve experimental researches. In this paper, based on the discussions above, we also discuss the prospects of experimental researches in organization science.</p>


  • Organizational Science

    Organizational Science 55 (1), 41-53, 2021-09-20

    The Academic Association for Organizational Science


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