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Atmospheric ^<14>CO can be used as a tracer of the global tropospheric Hydroxyl radical (OH^・) concentration, OH^・ is significantly responsible for the destruction of many trace gas species methane or carbon monoxide and so on. To collect atmospheric carbon monoxide, we assemble a preparation line by remodeling a methane preparation line. This line enriches carbon monoxide in a air sample with a volume of about 1m^3 by adsorption under low tempetrarture, and separates it from the other gas components with gas chromatography. The purified carbon monoxide is finally turned to carbon dioxide through the combustion tube in this line. But 1m^3 air include only about 0.1ml of carbon monoxide, it is not enough to ^<14>CO measurement by AMS (AMS need 1mg carbon or 2ml carbon dioxide). So we dilute the carbon dioxide derived from the carbon monoxide in the air sample with the other carbon dioxide whose isotopic ratio is known. The recovery efficiency of the carbon monoxide with this line is examined using the simulated air (standard carbon monoxide 0.1ml diluted with nitrogen 500L), and is about 80%. We ascertained that any contamination during the preparation bu ambient air is little and negligible. But at present time we couldn't ascertain that whether precision pf isotopic measurementos is affected by dilution or not

タンデトロン加速器質量分析計業績報告 Summaries of Researches Using AMS 1998 (平成10)年度



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