A Problem-Solving Approach for the Improvement of Management Systems

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  • Problem Solving Approach for the Improv

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Ideas or attempts at solving the managerial problem must be evaluated in a practical, implementation-oriented way. In this paper we propose a systematic problem-solving approach, supported by several techniques, demonstrate its potential for systematizing ideas or attempts, and give a perspective to them. A distinctive feature of this approach is that the ideas generated at the problem-solving process are fed back into the problem-recognition process, and are thereby modified and strengthened. This feedback, modification and strengthening is done using a comprehensive structural model supplied by the computer-aided Visual Interactive Structural Modelling System (VISMS) . In this paper, the idea of introducing Q.C. circles into Western companies is discussed in detail, using the structural model developed by VISMS. We also criticize the element-oriented approach to this problem as an obstacle to success, and propose certain system-oriented modification to the idea.



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