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Assertiveness of psychiatric day care users in Japan

  • Saito Miyuki
    School of Nursing, Faculty of Medicine, Yamagata University, Japan

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<p>Objective: This study aimed to clarify the assertiveness of psychiatric day care users with schizophrenia.</p><p>Patients and Methods: We examined 1,179 psychiatric day care center users and 916 psychiatric hospital outpatients with schizophrenia between September 2008 and February 2009 using a questionnaire survey based on the Japanese version of the Rathus Assertiveness Schedule and the Functioning Scale. The questionnaires were distributed and collected by post by the director of each participating facility.</p><p>Results: Of the 1,179 users (Users) and 916 outpatients (Patients) targeted, 366 (31.0%) and 78 (8.5%) were enrolled in this study. The mean assertiveness score of Users (–7.1 ± 20.2) was significantly higher than that of Patients (–17.3 ± 20.9; P<0.01). Assertiveness scores were higher in Users who performed housework compared with those who did not. High functioning was a background factor that improved assertiveness scores in Users. Additionally, Users could maintain a suitable assertiveness score with support from a psychiatric day care center.</p><p>Conclusion: This study revealed that Users had a greater ability to self-assert than Patients; this was largely the result of being able to live in society.</p>



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