Implementation conditions in terms of the amount of load on the operator

  • SATO Kanae
    東日本旅客鉄道(株)仙台支社 郡山土木技術センター
  • WATANABE Kazuya
    山形大学 農学部 食料生命環境学科

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  • 作業者への負荷量からみた実施条件
  • sustainable creation of a spawning environment for masu salmon
  • サクラマス産卵環境の持続的な創出にむけて


<p>We examined the conditions for providing spawning habitat for masu salmon in the stream area, taking into account the physical load of the workers, and found the following. 1) the daily activity time is 6 hours, of which 3 hours are needed for development; 2) the required amount of suitable material is about 330 kg, assuming the size of the spawning ground is 2m2; 3) the number of creating the spawning ground per day is 4 sites per river, based on the past results of the use of masu salmon; 4) The following three environmental conditions are important for artificial creation. <tt>①</tt>“Collection” is carried out in the land area adjacent to the river channel, where the suitable materials are densely deposited at least 330kg.<tt>②</tt>“Leveling” is carried out at a location where there is little digging work on the riverbed and the water depth is about 30 cm after the appropriate materials are fed into the river.<tt>③</tt>“Transport” should be carried out in a location where the route from the collection site to the development site is as landward as possible. The above conditions are important for sustainable environmental rehabilitation activities in the stream area.</p>



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