A study on conditions of continuation of citizen initiative events in a city core area

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  • 中心市街地活性化に関わる市民イベントの活動継続要件に関する研究
  • A case study on the citizen event groups at Hyuga-shi Station Square
  • 日向市駅前広場で活動するイベント団体を対象として


<p>Event activity is one of the countermeasures for revitalization of city centers, However, continuing the activities is not easy for citizens because it requires much effort. This paper aims to examine the conditions for continuing such activities. This paper analyzed 1) expanding citizen’s network, 2) recruiting for new members, 3) fostering their motivation, and 4) public supports for the activities, over the events in Hyuga-shi Station Squares located in the city center area. Major results are as follows: 1) The citizen networks have expanded surrounding a traditional citizen group, 2) the key-persons of the citizen groups have participated in public projects and training seminars, 3) the officials of public organizations have been supporting citizens in both formal and private ways.</p>



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