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Systematics of the genus Sphinxis Roelofs (Coleoptera: Curculionidae)

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  • Systematics of the genus Sphinxis Roelofs Coleoptera Curculionidae

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The genus Sphinxis Roelofs is transferred from Ochyromerini to Anoplini based on the male and female terminalia, elytro-tergal stridulation system, metendosternite and external features. The tribe Anoplini is placed in the subfamily Curculioninae sensu lato. In addition to the three previously known Japanese species, 12 new species are described from various areas of East Asia as follows : S. crypticus [Japan], S. nepalensis [Nepal], S. ovalis [Japan, Taiwan], S. ovaloides [Malaysia], S. rhombiformis [Thailand], S. uniformis [Malaysia], S. malayanus [Malaysia], S. javanus [Indonesia], S. formosanus [Taiwan], S. lychoui [Taiwan], S. maculipennis [Taiwan] and S. hiratatei [Malaysia]. A key to species is provided, together with habitus photographs, maps, and figures of the male and female terminalia.



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