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Utilization of Diethylpyrocarbonate on Sake and Wine Making : (II) Utilization of Diethylpyrocarbonate on Malo-lactic Fermentation in Wine and Cider Making

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  • 酒類醸造におけるピロ炭酸ジエチルエステルの利用-2-果実酒のマロラクテック発酵への利用について
  • サケルイ ジョウゾウ ニ オケル ピロ タンサン ジエチルエステル ノ リヨウ 2 カジツシュ ノ マロラクテック ハッコウ エ ノ リヨウ ニ ツイテ
  • 酒類醸造におけるピロ炭酸ジエチルエステルの利用 : (第2報)果実酒のマロラクテック発酵への利用について
  • 酒類醸造におけるピロ炭酸ジエチルエステルの利用-2-果実酒のマロラクテック発酵への利用について

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Using malic adapted bacterial cells, the various conditions that induce malo-lactic fermentatzion (MLF) in grape juice, apple juice and wine sterilized with diethylpyrocarbonate (DEPC), were studied.1. DEPC showed inhibitory action against MLF with malic adapted cells of Leuc. mesenteroides at a concentration higher than 200 ppm.2. The rate of MLF in the grape juice, the grape juice containing 250 ppm of DEPC and wine was more rapid with Leuc. sp. than with other lactic acid bacteria strains.3. SO_2 extremely inhibited MLF as shown in a previous paper, but the inhibition was not influenced with DEPC.4. Yeasts in grape juice or wine under SO_2-free conditions were killed completely at above 70ppm of DEPC, but DEPC had no effect on the prevention of browning of grape and apple juice or wine.5. MLF and microbicidal action of DEPC were not influenced by sodium erithorbate (antioxidant).6. From the above results, the appropriate methods of wine and cider making using malic adapted cells are suggested as follows.a) To grape juice or apple juce containing sodium erithorbate (SO_2-free), DEPC (about 200 ppm) should be added to kill microorganism in juice. After an hour, the washed malic-adapted cells (about 10^7/ml) should be added to the juice. This should be kept at 10℃ and allowed to undergo MLF without occuring alcohol fermentation with wild type yeast. When malic acid is decomposed completely, SO_2 (100 ppm) should be added to the grape or apple must and the starter (pure culture of wine yeast, OC No. 2) inoculated. And then this must should be allowed to undergo alcoholic fermentation with the purely cultured yeast at 15℃.b) To wine or cider containing a small amount of SO_2 (20 ppm or less) should be added sodiume erithorbate (about 200 ppm) and DEPC (about 150 ppm). After an hour, the washed malic adapted cells should be added to the DEPC treated wine or cider. Incubations should be carried out at 15℃ for 4~7 days, and then add SO_2 (about 100 ppm) after complete decomposition of malic acid in order to store safely the resultant wine or cider for long periods.



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