The pharmacological studies of the differences between Soujutsu-Goreisan and Byakujutsu-Goreisan : the regulating system of body water

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  • 蒼朮五苓散と白朮五苓散の薬理作用の比較検討 : 利水作用を中心として

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We studied the differences between Soujutsu-Goreisan and Byakujutsu-Goreisan using several pharmacological experimental procedures. (Soujutsu consisted of Soujutsu-Goreisan, and Byakujutsu consisted of Byakujutsu-Goreisan.) There was no difference in total body water content and plasma volume between Soujutsu -Goreisan, Byakujutsu-Goreisan and the control group. When Byakujutsu-Goreisan was given to water-restricted rats, the urine volume decreased compared with the control group. The same effect was not found in the Soujutsu-Goreisan group. Soujutsu-Goreisan was effective on the CCl_4 induced hepatitis rats. Byakujutsu-Goreisan was found to have the same tendencies as the CCl_4 hepatitis, but the inhibiting effects against the hepatic injury of Soujutsu-Goreisan was stronger than Byakujutsu-Goreisan.


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