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Fracture Behavior of Plasma Sprayed Ceramic Coatings in Scratch Test(Physics, Process, Instrument & Measurement)

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Fracture phenomena of plasma sprayed ceramic coatings in scratch test were examined. It was found that an inflection point exists in the relation between applied load and friction force. The inflection point shows the critical applied load for flattened particles in a ceramic coating to spall from interfaces. Below the critical load scratch of ceramic coatings is brought by cutting of flattened particles. Over the critical load scratch is significantly brought by spalling of the flattened particles from interfaces. The critical load for fracture of glass could also be obtained from relation between applied load and friction force. When applied load exceeded the critical load, cracking of glass was clearly observed. Applying scratch test to sintered ceramics, it revealed that the critical applied load could also be obtained from change of friction force with applied load for sintered ceramics. The fracture stress of Al_2O_3 coating gives a value of one third sintered Al_2O_3. This result is well consistent with bonding rate of interfaces between flattened ceramic particles and provides further evidence that mechanical properties of a ceramic coating depend on the bonding state at interfaces of flattened ceramic particles.



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