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Liquid Mn Sintering of Plasma-Sprayed Ceramic Coating(Physics, Process, Instrument & Measurements)

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The penetration phenomena of liquid Mn into porous Al_2O_3 and ZrO_2 (8wt%Y_2O_3) coatings, plasma-sprayed on SS400 steel substrate were studied by heating at 1573°K in a vacuum atmosphere, and the possibility of improving the mechanical properties of Al_2O_3 and ZrO_2 coatings by heattreatment with liquid Mn was examined. It was found that liquid Mn rapidly penetrated the ceramic coatings at the interface between the coating and the substrate. The densification of the coating occurred when Al_2O_3 and ZrO_2 particles were sintered with liquid Mn that penetrated the porous coatings. For Al_2O_3 coatings, the formation of MnAl_2O_4 was clearly recognized in the connected porosities of Al_2O_3 coatings penetrated by liquid Mn. In the case of ZrO_2 coatings, a dense coating was obtained by the sintering reaction between deposited ZrO_2 particles and the liquid Mn. The mechanical properties, such as the hardness and the fracture stress, of both Al_2O_3 and ZrO_2 coatings heat-treated with liquid Mn were greatly improved, compared with as-sprayed coatings. Moreover, the modulus of elasticity and the fracture toughness of the ZrO_2 coating reached the same levels as those of sintered PSZ (Y_2O_3)



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