Effective Auditory Browsing of a Social Stream Based on the Cocktail-Party Effect

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  • カクテルパーティ効果を用いた効率的なソーシャルストリームの聴覚ブラウジング(「ソーシャルコンピューティング研究最前線」,ポスター発表のためのショートプレゼン,ソーシャルコンピューティング)

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Up to now some studies on sound browsing for web pages have been performed. A social stream used on SNSs such as Facebook can be considered as a stream type contents which is gather a lot of articles into. Users can hardly browse a social stream effectively by means of conventional sound browsing techniques because it takes a long time to read all of the articles in the social stream completely. Therefore, in this paper, we proposed a three-dimensional sound browsing technique using the cocktail party effect. Specifically, I perform some user studies about the audibility of the contents using the three-dimensional sound and inspect the effectiveness.



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