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Gas Shielded Arc Welding of High-Nitrogen Austenitic Stainless Steel (Report 1)

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The present paper summarizes the results of investigation on the gas shielded arc welding process on high-nitrogen austenitic stainless steels. High-nitrogen austenitic stainless steel plates (type 316N) were welded by using regular type 316 electrode wire and N_2, Ar, N_2-Ar, N_2-O_2 and N_2-CO_2 mixture shielding gas. The elevated temperature tensile and impact tests on deposited metal specimens were carried out. High-nitrogen austenitic stainless steel weld metals give a tensile strength of about 70 and about 30kg/mm^2 at room temperature and 700℃, respectively. Elongation and reduction of area are not influenced by test temperature and about 15% and about 20% for temperature range room〜700℃ respectively. At impact test, the absorbed energies were not affected by the test temperature and high-nitrogen austenitic stainless steel weld metals made in N_2-Ar mixture shielding gas heve the largest value of absorbed energy of about 16〜18kg-mat test temperature range for room〜700℃. Weld metals made in N_2-CO_2 mixture shielding gas have the smollest value of absorbed energy. From view point of MIG process, high-nitrogen austenitic stainless steel plate is able to be welded by using regular type electrode wire due to using of N_2-Ar mixture shielding gas.


  • Trans. JWRI

    Trans. JWRI 9 31-38, 1980

    Osaka University

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