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Dynamic Behavior in Laser Gas Cutting of Mild Steel(Welding Physics, Processes & Instruments)

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Mechanism for the laser gas cutting mild steel with oxygen jet is discussed bsed on information including the cut appearances, high speed color films of the cutting behavior, power density distribution of the focused laser beam and temperature distribution at the cutting front. At the cutting speed Vb below cirtical one, 2m/min, which is independent of the laser power, the cutting phenomena are found to vary periodically because the reaction speed at the cutting front is faster than V_b by activation of the intense laser beam. At speeds higher than 2m/min, the cutting phenomena become steady and the high temperature produced by high power density of the beam povides high speed cutting, which could not be achieved in the conventional oxy-acetylen gas cutting. The effect of such periodic cutting phenomena on the quality of the cut is described and conditions available for qualified cuts are recommended.



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