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Features of Thermal Stress Generated by Welding & Cutting under Loading(Mechanics, Strength & Structure Design)

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Steels, which are generally used for bridge structures, have characteristics such that they are apt to corrode quickly. So, it is frequently expected that steel bridges, which have been damaged by increase of vehicle load and corrosion, need repair or strengthening. Repair or strengthening is generally accompanied by cutting, bolting and welding procedures. However, the basic characteristics of stress and distortion generated by cutting and welding for the repair work are not yet enough understood. The safety of the structure following welding repair is confirmed by existing safety evaluation methods. So, in order to gain more confidence and accumulate a fundamental data about the safety of the structure after welding repair, the distribution and magnitude of thermal stresses generated by welding and cutting are generalized. The influence of applied load with respect to stress generated by welding and cutting has been investigated.



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