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Diffusion Welding of Ti-15%Mo-5%Zr Alloy to Mild Steel (0.06%C)

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Diffusion welding of Ti-15%Mo-5%Zr alloy to mild steel (0.06%C) has been performed in vacuum (〜10^<-4>mmHg). Knoop hardness test, microscopic observation, X-ray diffraction analysis, electron prove X-ray microanalysis and scanning electron microscopic observation have been employed in order to clarify the existence of intermetallic compounds and carbides at the bonding interface. The effects of the existence of such compounds on the joint strength are discussed. Results obtained are summarized as follows: (1) Intermetallic compounds, Fe_2Ti and FeTi, carbides, TiC and Zr carbide, are found at the bonding interface without insertmetal, under the welding condition at the temperature of 900℃ and 1000℃. (2) On the joint containing nickel insertmetal, intermetallic compounds, Ni_3Ti, NiTi and NiTi_2, are found in the bonding interface between titanium alloy and nickel insertmetal, under the welding condition at the temperature of 700℃ and 800℃. (3) The strength of joints welded with nickel insertmetal is much larger than the joints welded without insertmetal. Maximum strength of joint with nickel insertmetal and without insertmetal was estimated to be 33〜35kg/mm^2 and 25Kg/mm^2 respectively.



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