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Effects of Initial Imperfections on Out-of-Plane Deformation and Residual Stress Produced by Welding(Mechanics, Strength & Structure Design)

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In this paper, the effects of initial imperfections (deflection and residual stress), which are necessarily produced when the steel plates are manufactured, on the out-of-plane deformation and residual stress generated by welding were elucidated from the results of the large deformation thermal elastic plastic FEM modeling. Residual stress, which was generated when the steel plates were manufactured, did not influence the out-of-plane deformation and residual stress produced by welding. However, initial deflection largely influenced the out-of-plane deformation produced by welding. When the temperature history was the same, transient deflection became a maximum at the same time irrespective of the initial deflection shapes. When the initial deflection shape was concave, the out-of-plane deformation became small near the weld line. However, the out-of-plane deformation in the perpendicular direction to the weld line depended on the initial deflection shapes. On the other hand, the out-of-plane displacement generated by welding when initial deflection wound in the welding direction became the smallest. As result, the out-of-plane deformation remained large because initial deflection remained as it was. When initial deflection wound in the direction perpendicular to the weld line, the out-of-plane deformation largely served to maintain the initial deflection shape. The distribution of residual stress and plastic strain generated by welding was affected by the initial deflection shapes. However, the magnitude was not largely affected.



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