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Secondary Ion Characteristics of PbO-SiO_2 Glasses Sputtered by Argon Ion(Materials, Metallurgy, Weldability)

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This study describes the secondary ion characteristics of fused quartz and silicate glasses containing various amounts of PbO using an ion micro mass analyser (IMA). Observed multi-charged secondary ions were only Si^<2+> and Si^<4+> Si^<3+> and higher multi-charged ions were not observed clearly. The prominent cluster secondary ions were O_2^+, SiO^+, Si_2^+, SiO_2^+, Si_2O^+, Si_2O_2^+, PbO^+, SiPb^+ and SiOPb^+. The intensities of PbO^+ and SiO^+ showed the opposite variation depending on the content of PbO in silicate glasses. This phenomenon seems to reflect the bonding character of glasses that lead ion in silicate glasses breaks the Si-O linkage and then weakens the bond strength between silicon and oxygen.



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