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On Buckling Accepted Design of Ship Structures Utilizing High Tensile Steels(Mechanics, Strength & Structural Design)

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Among the trends of revolution for ship structures, the use of high tensile steels in many parts of the structures has been tried by many arganizations concerned. With high tensile steels, ship structures will be generally thinner than those with conventional mild steel, taking account of higher yield strength of the material. This, in turn, will lead to lower buckling strength. This fact may suggest to accept buckling of such structures in order to utilize the advantage of high yield strength of the material. Allowing buckling in ship structures will bring out several problems. This paper dicusses some of these problems, namely: the maximum stress, ultimate stength and fatigue strength under regular and random loads. A design philosophy on buckling accepted design is proposed. Design criteria, design methods and related design graphs are presented in connection with the new design philosophy.



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