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New Silicate Phosphors for a White LED

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We focus on the development of new silicate phosphors for a white LED. In the europium doped silicate system, four LED phosphor candidates-Li_2SrSiO_4:Eu^<2+>, Ba_9Sc_2Si_6O_<24>:Eu^<2+>, Ca_3Si_2O_7:Eu^<2+> and Ba_2MgSi_2O_7:Eu^<2+> were found. Luminescent properties under near UV and visible excitation were investigated for the new Eu^<2+> doped LED silicate phosphors. These new phosphors have a relatively strong absorption band in a long wavelength region.


  • IEICE transactions on electronics

    IEICE transactions on electronics 89 (10), 1406-1412, 2006-10-01

    The Institute of Electronics, Information and Communication Engineers

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