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Separation of music signal sources by NMF based on preservation of spectrum envelope

  • Tomoaki Asakawa
    University of Tsukuba Graduate School of Systems and Information Engineering.
  • Masatoshi Hamanaka
    University of Tsukuba Graduate School of Systems and Information Engineering. | PRESTO JST

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  • スペクトル包絡保存に基づくNMFによる音源分離

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This paper proposes the method to separate polyphonic music signal into signals of each musical instrument by NMF: Non-negative Matrix Factorization based on preservation of spectrum envelope. Our method bases on a common feature of harmonic signal: spectrum envelopes of musical signal in close pitches played by the harmonic music instrument would be similar. We estimate power spectrums of each instrument by NMF with restriction to synchronize spectrum envelope of bases which are allocated to all possible center frequencies of each instrument. This manipulation means separation of components which refers to tones of each instrument and realizes both of separation without pre-training and separation of signal including harmonic and non-harmonic sound. We had an experiment to decompose mixture sound signal of MIDI instruments into each instrument and evaluated the result by SNR of single MIDI instrument sound signals and separated signals. As a result, SNR of lead guitar and drums approximately marked 3.6 and 6.0 dB and showed significance of our method.


  • IPSJ SIG Notes

    IPSJ SIG Notes 2014 (16), 1-6, 2014-02-16

    Information Processing Society of Japan (IPSJ)


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