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  • 〈THESIS〉A Study on Piano Learning Method and Teaching Method for Piano Beginners in Correspondence Education Department-With the Modification of Piano Textbook-


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‘Music (instrumental)' bandled by the author at correspondence education childhood care department of the university has modified the ‘piano textbook ‘for the first time after opening the department. In this study,the author mentions both the piano learning method and the teaching method those are newly devised in the alterations.In addition,this research concretely describes the method of playing the piano for both march and basic etude those are independently devised in the alterations. ln consideration of the present situation of our department that many students are beginners in the piano so unfamiliar with using both bands at tbe same time,the new piano text book presents the scores for both march and basic etude simplified for beginners. And also this new textbook refers to notes on performaoce based on the basic etude score.

[注記]著者専攻: 音楽(ピアノ) 音楽表現(指導法)


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