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  • Analysis of dam effects on flood control in the Yodo River basin with a distributed rainfall-runoff prediction system

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The effects of dams on flood control were analyzed at several locations in the Yodo River basin using a distributed rainfall-runoff prediction system including dam operation models. Input rainfall distributions for the analysis were created by multiplying some factors to ten observed rainfall patterns to adjust them to be 50, 100, 150 and 200 year return periods in terms of two days rainfall in a catchment. The system simulates discharge with and without taking into account the effects of dams for the all created input rainfall. The comparisons of simulated peak discharges indicated that at Kamo, whose catchment contains Takayama dam at the middle reach, there is a certain range of natural peak flow that can be attenuated effectively to the allowable maximum discharge. On the other hand, at Noso, whose catchment contains Hiyoshi dam at the upper reach, peak discharge were attenuated relatively constantly regardless the natural peak flow.


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