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  • F.M.Dostoevsky and the Style of Notes:On Self-reference in A Raw Youth and A Writer's Diary
  • Ф・M・ドストエフスキートシュキケイシキ『ミセイネン』ト『サッカノニッキ』ニオケルジコゲンキュウセイニツイテ

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This paper deals with the analysis of the common features of the two works of late Dostoevskv -the novel A Raw Youth and the collection of his non-fiction and fictional writings Diary of a Writer. The novel was published in 1875 and then he wrote A Writer's Diary(1876-1877). Therefore,speaking about the connection between these two works,the researchers usually turn to the biographical context. However,on closer examination it becomes clear that,beyond the biographical sphere,there are many similarities between the two books. A Raw Youth is constructed as an “autobiography" of the hero,so its contents are descriptions of the events occurring with the hero or his closest associates. In the same way,A Writer's Diary is a“diary" of the author and its contents are reports about what he really experienced and impressions of them. In other words,both works are written in self-referential form. But,in spite 0f this self-referential form("autobiography" and "diary"). both works contain the protagonist is unable to penetrate into the thoughts and minds of other characters. And in A Writer's Diary, the author very often focuses on the letters of some readers or newspaper atricles and enters them into sharp and meaningful dialogue. These descriptions suggest that there is logical relationship between self-perception and presence of others. We go into the details of the correctness of our theoretical interpretation,based on Husser'ls phenomenology. ln addition,"other" appears not only in the descriptions of the narrator. At the end of the novel A Raw Youth,third person reads "autobiography" of the hero and comments on it. Similarly,A Writer's Diary is a diary of the author,which is read and responded by the reading public. Why did Dostoevsky think that self-description should be read by others? As one of the possible answers to this question,we will speak about some specifics of self-reference. Usually autobiography and diary are addressed to the writer. Through the analysis of the common features of A Raw Youth and A Writer's Diary, we try to expand the understanding of the creative "I" of Dostoevsky.


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