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Catalytic etching of {100}-oriented diamond coating with Fe, Co, Ni, and Pt nanoparticles under hydrogen

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Etching of a highly {100}-oriented diamond coating, {100}HODC, with hydrogen gas using Fe, Co, Ni, and Pt nanoparticles as a catalyst was examined at high temperatures over 700 degrees C by high-resolution scanning electron microscopy and Raman spectroscopy. The metal atoms vacuum-evaporated onto the {100}HODC formed nanopartides themselves when heated at high temperatures; e.g. 700 degrees C, in a flowing gas mixture of H(2) (10%) + N(2) (90%). At 800 degrees C. short nano-channels and etch pits holding metal nanoparticles were formed by Fe. Co. and Ni. The shapes of the Co and Ni nanoparticles in the etch pits were affected by the shape of the etch pits; reversed pyramidal shape. On the other hand, the top view of the Fe nanoparticles embedded in the etch pits showed a distorted round shape, probably due to the formation of something such as iron carbide, while the carbon content was unknown. Apparently, etching of the {100}HODC by Pt nanoparticles was observed after the treatment at 1000 degrees C. The difference in the catalytic etching behavior among these metal particles, the potential etching mechanism of diamonds with hydrogen by metal nanoparticles, probably as melted metal nanoparticles, and the formation mechanism of vacant etch pits were discussed.





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