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歌唱共通教材(小学音楽)旋律の運指について : ピアノ入門者のための

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  • Piano Fingering for Melodies in Elementary School Curriculum Songs ― For Piano Beginners ―

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保育士・幼稚園教諭・小学校教諭を目指す学生には、ピアノ実技が不可欠である。大学の授業で、ピアノの練習を初めて経験する学生が年々増えている。成長期を過ぎてからの入門者は、学習意欲が高いだけに、しばしば身体能力とのずれに悩まされる。小論は、小学校音楽共通教材における歌唱曲の旋律の運指を改善することにより、入門者特有のつまずきを軽減する試みである。入門者にとって身近であり、かつ将来指導者の立場において必要となる楽曲を題材とし、ピアノ実技の上達と、学習意欲の増大を図るため、その運指に着目した。小学校教科書の教師用指導書の運指と、一般的な運指論から導かれる独自の運指案との優劣を、難易度と音楽性のバランスを考慮して比較することを目的とし、入門者の学生11 人に実際に演奏させ確認した。その結果、5の指についての困難が最も多く観察された。独自の運指案は、この困難を改善することが可能であり、その優位性が示唆された。運指指導の実践にあたっては、個人差も大きく、授業における個別対応も重要な対策である。

Practical piano playing skill is essential for college/university students aiming to obtain teacher’s qualifications for nursery school, kindergarten and elementary school. There is an increasing number of students coming into these courses in recent years who have never played piano before. These older beginners often struggle due to the gap between their high motivation and poor dexterity. The paper attempts to mitigate the challenges they face, by improving the piano fi ngerings of melodies of songs that are included in the common music curriculum for elementary school in Japan. Taking up songs that are both familiar to the student beginners and will be necessary to lead the music class in future, the paper focuses on the fi ngering of these songs, with the aims of improving piano playing skills and raising motivation for the students.  The study aimed to compare the relative merits of the piano fingerings that are stated in the teacher’s guide for elementary school music lessons and the original fi ngering devised by the author based on the general piano fi ngering theories, taking the balance between fi ngering diffi culties and musicality in to consideration. Piano lessons were conducted for 11 beginner students and their fingerings were observed. Diffi culties with the fi fth (little) fi ngers were most often observed. The original fi ngering can overcome these diffi culties, showing its superiority. Since individual diff erences in piano fi ngerings are large among these students, individual attention in class is also important.


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